Refurbish & Restore

Its not simply painting
When we decide to refurbish and restore an item for a client its not just simply painting an item and returning it to the customer. we take pride in every step of the process .
when refurbishing we aim to take your item back down to raw wood filling repairing and replacing broken twisted or shrunken parts to give a great base to work from we can also replace tops from pine to oak and change finishes from lacquers or oils to give you a completly new unique looking addition to your home it can be painted to any colour you choose so this can have a look to match your home decor and stand out and become your new talking point.
A whole process
Restoring an old tired piece of furniture that has either centimental value or is in need of repair, we are able to use french polishing techniques and colour matching process to make iteasy to match or contrast with you decor and looks as new. We are able to repair and remould or get resin infills to fix parts that have been snapped or broken over time and use.

We use both pigmented stains and dyes to enhance the woods natural beauty and protect it with multiple coats of sealers and clear coats. we match samples or create a colour of your choice.
When we paint it givies personality to everything. Using multiple coats of primer to provide the base coats and hide any fillers or repair work, while our two part or polyurethene paint provides the final coat of colour and durability. Everything from classic white to ultra high gloss black

Care with every step
We know that your item is probably in high demand in your home and we understand that time is very crutial so we try hard to keep finishing and repairs to a minimum time. We are able to pick up and drop off from your home at a time that is suitable for you, we want to make this process as easy as possible with as little disruption from start to finish. We have a friendly professional team that will take your call or email and provide you with anymore infomation you require

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