Commercial Finishing

Reducing lead times while enhancing your reputation for quality is our objective

In our commercial section we offer you a finishing service like no other what you ask for you will get not having to worry about quality control as we will go by the approved ​ sample so everything will match it, giving you satisfaction that it will be finished as has been agreed

we can do as little or as much work as you require from part of the job to the whole contract of finishing, so whether its prime to site or full finishes we are able to forfill your needs.


 We always create samples whether its matching to your sample or creating one, a sample shows what we are trying to achieve so when perfection is everything its vital we are all on the same line.


   There is a vast range of products we are able to use we are skilled in all wood finishes from water based acrilyic, polyurathene, acid  catalysts, polyesters, these can be paints, lacquers we also use oils.
we also have knowledge and skills in stains we are able to mix stains adding colour adds character to different kinds of substrate. We use both pigmented stains and dyes to enhance the woods natural beauty and protect it with multiple coats of sealers and clear coats. we match samples or create a colour of your choice. this opens up alot of avenues for companys trying to carry on a job that a previous company has finished and the client wants this carry through. 
When we paint it givies personality to everything. Using multiple coats of primer to provide the base coat and hide any fillers or repair work, while our two part or polyurethene paint provides the final coat of colour and durability. Everything from classic white to ultra high gloss black


  Here at bespoke furniture finishings we can create a stunning finish on pretty much any surface like metal glass plastic plaster oak pine sepele MDF tulip the list  keeps growing, we have been involved with projects like spraying rust on metal to make it appear like the angel of the north, glass splash backs to high gloss mirror image finishes. It all depends what finish and on what sustrate really


On compeltion of the job we intend to wrap and protect items so they are ready to go to your clients. so there is minimal time delay. we are able to pick up and drop off to your work place taking the pressure off your logistics team and making planning easier

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